Breed Specific Cattle

No detail has been overlooked in our pursuit of creating the highest production standards to produce a gourmet, flavorful and nutritious beef product.

Sourced from best-of-breed Red Angus, Devon and Hereford genetics from Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Arkansas, Texas, Mexico and New Zealand, these top-grade animals were the origin of our herd. Our cows have the genetic and physical characteristics that result in consistently superior beef. Today, ours is a closed-herd, single origin farm, with all animals bred, born and raised, right here. The result is a consistent nutrient-rich, tender and full-of-flavor product that stands apart. Our mother cows produce a high butterfat content in their milk, that is transferred to the nursing calves and allows for rich marbling in our grown animals, delivering exceptional taste.

A Farm Flavor You'll Taste & Love

Just like wine and coffee, the land, climate and soil enhances the flavor profile of all of the beef we eat.  Since our cows only eat grass, our beef immediately delivers earthy notes of our sweet grass on the palate, qualities you won’t find in mass-market beef. Because of our rich variety of pasture grasses and special honeoye soil, which transfers calcium and minerals into our grasses, our beef products have rich marbling and are packed with Omega-3 fats and superior nutritional value. With each and every order, you’ll enjoy a flavor consistency that can only come from our single-source pastures in Richfield Springs, NY.